Feature Friday

Auto Trip: Feature Friday

Auto Trip: for people who hate buttons.

We’re starting a new weekly series here at mileMate, which will run up until (and probably beyond!) the official release of mileMate v1.0 on the App Store, currently planned for late August 2018. We’ve come up with the fiendishly unique title for the series and it’s… Feature Friday! How clever. And what could be a more auspicious day for the first Feature Friday to be FRIDAY THE 13TH… 😱

auto trip buttonsFirst up is Auto Trip. This enables mileMate to track your trips, you guessed it… AUTOMATICALLY! To enable it, tap the settings icon in the upper left of your home dash screen, then set the ‘Active’ switch in the Auto Trip section. While still in settings, you can enable or disable the Auto Trip ‘Quit Notification’. This will notify you if mileMate is terminated while you have Auto Trip active. mileMate value’s your privacy, so unlike some other creepy mileage tracking apps, mileMate only tracks your location when you leave it running in the background.

auto trip settings

If this is your first time enabling the feature, iOS will ask for your permission to access your device motion information. In conjunction with other sensors on your iPhone, mileMate uses motion to determine when you’re driving and when you aren’t. Once enabled, mileMate takes all that messy tap tap work from your fingers and starts a trip when it detects that you’re driving. EASY!! Pop open the app at any point during the trip to re-classify the trip (business by default) or add a custom business purpose (mileMate Pro required for customization). Once the trip is successfully saved to your dash, you can then view the route, merge it with your previous Auto Trip, save it as Business or Personal, or just delete it outright. You’ll see a badge on the mileMate app icon indicating how many Auto Trips you have ready to be classified… GROOVY!

auto trip badge icon

Ok, that’s a wrap on our first Feature Friday. Stay tuned next week when we discuss… some other feature.

auto trip log