Feature Friday

Trip Log: Feature Friday

Trip Log: All your trips, at your tips!

Welcome to another Feature Friday! What’s today’s feature you’re dying to know about? it’s the Trip Log!

trip log header

Your Trip Log is where all your logged trips reside… Brilliant! Check your miles driven for a particular month, create a custom report, or edit a trip. The current month is always highlighted in orange. Tapping the ‘Select’ button in the upper left will scroll you back to the current month, and tapping the add button in the upper right will add a new trip.

trip log day view

Or select the month you want to view, and you’ll see a list of your trips from that month:

trip log day view

Tap a trip and you’ll be presented with all the logged info for that particular trip, which you can then edit and save. The first section is basic Trip Info. Here you’ll see the total miles for the trip, which vehicle the trip is associated with, the date of the trip, and the classification.

trip detail basic trip info section

After that are the Location and Map Detail sections. In the Location section, you can set the start and end times by tapping on their respective buttons, and set start and end locations for the trip. Tapping the ‘Go’ button will attempt to calculate mileage for your entered destinations and add the route location data to the Map. Viewing and interacting with the Map is a mileMate Pro feature.

trip detail location and map sections

Lastly are the Odometer and Notes sections. If you’re using manual tracking in conjunction with the Start Odometer Prompt (in settings), these fields will be filled in by mileMate. These are starting odometer reading you entered at the beginning of the trip, and the distance tracked during the trip.

trip detail odometer and notes sections

That’s all for this Feature Friday. Check back next week for another update!