FAQ – Get Answers

Q: What is mileMate?

A: mileMate is a mileage tracker for iOS. It replaces your written log book for tax filing, client billing, or
company mileage reimbursements.

Q: Who is mileMate for?

A: Everyone can find great use for the mileMate app however, it is especially useful for:

  • Self employed individuals who take the standard mileage deduction from the IRS.
  • Ride sharing drivers
  • Truck drivers
  • Employees who get company reimbursed mileage

Q: How much does mileMate cost?

A: mileMate comes with free unlimited tracking! For only $7.99 per year subscription, you can get additional features.

Q: Manual tracking is not working. How do I make it work?

A: In order to accurately track your mileage while the app is in the background, location
services for mileMate must be set to “Always On.” To check this setting, open the Settings
app, then Privacy -> Location Services -> mileMate -> Always On. Your location is used solely
for distance tracking and is not sold to third parties. If you are using the free version, ads
displayed may use your location in order to serve you more relevant information.

Q: AutoTrip isn’t working. How do I make it work?

A: AutoTrip is not enabled by default. Turn on in settings, accessible by the gear icon in the upper
left of your dashboard. Additionally, please ensure you have given mileMate access to your
device motion. For the best experience, please ensure WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth are all
enabled on your device. Users in areas with poor cellular reception may need to use manual
tracking to ensure accurate results.

Q: How do I create reports?

A: Reports can be created quickly by tapping the Reports icon in the upper right of the
dashboard. Free users get three options. Subscribing to mileMate Pro gives you further

  • Swipe left on any month in your trip log to create a report for that month’s trips.
  • Tap on the Pro iconic the bottom toolbar and select “Custom Reports”. This gives you
    the most control over report dates, vehicles, and clients.

Q: Why do I need mileMate Pro?

A: While you can track all of your miles manually or automatically for free, having
an active Pro subscription gives you many added benefits like:

  • Tracking more than one vehicle
  • Ability to add clients to trips and create client reports
  • Ad free experience
  • Customized report tracking
  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • Trip map history
  • Save time with favorite trips
  • Business profile for help with invoicing
  • Custom avatars
  • Report reminders
  • Customizable trip purposes
  • A sense of inner peace knowing your subscription goes directly to future development

Q: What can I do with clients?

A: There are a few benefits to using clients such as:

  • Clients let you easily see who you’re driving for. This could also be Uber/Lyft.
  • Create reports by client
  • Create jobs to track time and mileage for a client (feature coming soon)

Q: What is “Deep Auto”?

A: Deep Auto is an option that enables Auto Trip to start even if you have terminated the app. Without the Deep Auto option, mileMate only engages Auto Trip if you leave it running in the background.

Q: Do I need an account? If not, how is my data backed up?

A: mileMate works in conjunction with your iCloud account to back up and sync your data. You do not need a separate account to use mileMate; most features work without an active internet connection. mileMate utilizes Apple’s CloudKit technology to store your data in your personal iCloud account. To ensure data synchronization, please ensure you are logged into iCloud while using mileMate.

Q: How do I cancel my Pro subscription?

A: You can manage your subscription at any time by using the Settings app on your device. Please note that cancellation must occur at least 24 prior to your next billing cycle to avoid charges.